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Gaming keyboards

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Supports Windows 2000/95/98 / ME/VISTA/Windows 7/7/8 / doing/Android/Linux/apple operating systems.

Backlight color switch: Press FN + SCRLK
Backlit breathing lamp switch: Press FN + SCRLK
Backlit breathing speed control:
FN + / FN + “+” “-” control breathing rate.FN + “-” breathing a little slower, FN + “+” to speed up breathing, built three levels, by default, the first leg of the first one in 1.5 seconds, a respiratory cycle is the second leg for 3 seconds, the third party is 6 seconds.
Backlight lamp brightness control: FN + PGUP increase brightness, FN + PGDN brightness decreases, and the default backlight model default backlit highest brightness, high/medium/low/no lights, four lights brightness adjustment function.

FN shortcut
FN + F1=Play music
FN + F2=Volume down
FN + F3=Volume up
FN + F4=Mute
FN + F5=Music stop
FN + F6= Previous song
FN + F7= Play/Pause
FN + F8= Next song
FN + F9= Mailbox
FN + F10= Home page
FN + F11= Lock/unlock Keyboard
FN + F12= Calculator


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